Birthday Parties - On hold due to Covid-19

Give your child the birthday party of a lifetime!

Your child and friends will spend time learning about horses, grooming and riding!
North Crest birthday parties give your child hands-on experience with horses.

You may supply party food, cake and beverages of your choice. Call or email for details.

Birthday Party Guidelines


How the Parties are Run


Party food, cake and presents are done first inside the tent or heated room. (Parents to supply food and serving supplies.)

Rules regarding safety around horses are reviewed while still inside of tent or heated room.

Children get a tour of the barn and introduction to the horse they will be riding.

Horses are brought into the arena and each child is lead around the arena by a handler. The Birthday Child goes first! Children are required to wear horse safety helmets which are provided by North Crest. The children waiting to ride will be entertained with a ''horsey craft'' or game.

ride ride ride

The horse(s) are untacked (saddle and bridle removed) and children are able to feed them carrots or apples.

We then play ''Pin the Tail on the Horse'' game (with a fake horse) and each child gets a prize. The birthday child gets the Blue ribbon and everyone gets to draw from the prize bag. Other ''horsey games'' will be played as time allows.

Parents can bring in a craft for children to work on as well.

Each child will be provided with a small ''horsey goody'' bag before leaving.

Parents will be required to have North Crest Release Forms signed by each child's parents before the party. We give the release forms to the parent having the party ahead of time. Most parents send this release form out in the invitation. Release forms must be signed for all children before they will be able to participate in any North Crest activities.

Some parents prefer to have the cake/food and presents done ahead of time at their homes before coming to North Crest. The option is open.