Rider Position Series

Do you want to learn to be a more effective and proficient rider?

Do you get frustrated when you ask the horse to do something and it doesn't answer the way you want?

Do you want to know why some rider's make it look so easy to do?

Come join us at North Crest for this 3 part series on Rider Position and learn how to use your body to be the rider you always wanted to be!


Session I: Seat Aids

Session II: Leg and Hand Aids

Session III: Combining Seat, Leg and Hand Aids

This series is available to students wanting to trailer their own horse in, current students of North Crest and new students that want to ride one of North Crest's school horses.

Each session will be conducted as a 45 minute private lesson. Sessions should be done in consecutive order to maximize your learning experience. Sessions can be scheduled with Julie Taylor to fit your schedule. Times are available during the morning/afternoons during the week and on weekends. Call for pricing.